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JD Meaney Oakville Candidate.png
JD Meaney Oakville Candidate.png

John David Meaney, best known in Oakville as JD, has been living in Oakville since he was 11 years old (2001). Born in Montreal, he moved with his family to Oakville where he attended Oakville Trafalgar High School and graduated from White Oaks Secondary School. He completed post-secondary education at Seneca College, from the Media Fundamentals Program (2009), and then went on to Humber College and graduated from the Business Administration Program (2013), receiving an Advanced Diploma. 


He has worked at 2 out of the 3 Oakville Business Improvement Associations (2011-2014), where he acted as an ambassador to the local businesses. JD is a consultant and a manager for the hospitality industry, which has led him to opportunities where he traveled and lived abroad in Australia (2014-2015).  

None of his passions have come close to his burning desire for patriotism and what it means to be of service to the public. He has served as the Leader of the Youth Wing for 2 municipal candidates in the 2010 municipal election in Oakville. JD was one of the delegates representing Oakville in the 2018 Ontario PC convention, where he voted on various party policies and motions. 


In 2019, JD ran on a message, "It's Our Future” and that it is up to Canadians everywhere to come together for Canada. Families are important, fiscal policy, balanced budgets, tax policies that are economical for all, and environmental strategies that make sense. 

The people here in Oakville, as well as in all parts of Canada understand how many of the measures taken during COVID-19 have simply not been working for almost 2 years. The position of the People’s Party is to end lockdowns as they have proven to be ineffective, all masks and vaccines will be left to the individual's personal health choices, no vaccine passports and to get Canada’s economy back on track. 


“We are at a turning point in history, it’s our future.” – JD Meaney